How to install zlibc

To install zlibc, unpack it using tar xfzvvp zlibc-0.9l.tar.gz, and then execute the following commands:

$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

Then point your LD_PRELOAD variable to /lib/uncompress.o (on Linux) or to /usr/local/lib/uncompress.o on SunOs or Solaris. You can then test it as follows:

$ echo 'This is a test' >testfile
$ gzip testfile
$ cat testfile
cat: testfile: No such file or directory
$ LD_PRELOAD=/lib/uncompress.o
$ export LD_PRELOAD
$ cat testfile
This is a test

Alternatively, on Linux, you can also put the path to zlibc into the /etc/ file to make it apply to all programs on the system.

See the included documentation for further instructions. This documentation is supplied as a texinfo file. To print it out, do

$ make dvi
$ dvips zlibc.dvi

To generate an info documentation, do

$ make info

You can then browse this documentation using Emac's info mode, or using a standalone info browser.

You can also generate html, and browse it using your favorite Web browser:

$ make html